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The Patriotic British WORKING for a Free Britain
Reclaim YOUR Future
"Revolutions are only impossible before they take place. Afterwards they were inevitable" Vernon Coleman in his book Bloodless Revolution which outlines many of the concepts we have put forward. It is towards a Bloodless Revolution we work seeking Liberty, Democracy, Sovereignty and Sel Determination through our own Westminster Government reclaimed for OUR Future, OUR Peoples & OUR Country..... 
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Alliance Building
Higher Farm

Promoted by Greg L-W. on behalf of the INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance, both at Alliance Building, Westcombe, Somerset, BA4 6ER


 An Introduction

For the record here was our first item of general publicity - many were handed around the Constituency of Somerton & Frome where our Lead Candidate and Moderator Niall Warry is standing as a PPC.

Many more were distributed on the internet - Unsurprisingly leading to our first batch of FAQs (not Frequently enough yet! Some responses from those determined to keep repeating the same old, same old, same old and voting for Party Politicians.

They have found the concept hard to come to grips with as they are so used to doing the same thing election after election and somehow believing they will have a different outcome!
Reclaiming OUR Future FREE of the EUropean Union
Moderator:                                  Niall Warry, TD, Major Rtd.
Treasurer:                                   Peter Underwood, FAIA
PR & Spokesman:                      Greg Lance-Watkins
Are you concerned for your country’s future?
We believe we have the answer to THE pressing issue of the day which I am convinced you think about and discuss often, we aim to solve this greatest of all our worries.

This relates to the concern responsible people like you and I have, for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren. We are all aware that we are living in a country which is heading in the wrong direction and is in the wrong hands within an increasingly unforgiving and dangerous global community.

You may feel that nothing can be done to reverse the considerable damage done to our welfare and our country. But if we do the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result, nothing will ever change.
The good news is there is something YOU CAN NOW DO
which is NEW and WILL make a difference

We have NOT formed a political party, although we had to register as such to conform with the law.  We have NOW a unique Alliance of INDEPENDENTS and you can join with us.  As INDEPENDENT individuals we believe in reclaiming our future and ask you for help in growing our  

There is an elephant in the room that many fear to name!

We trust you know about the ratification of The EU Constitution Lisbon Treaty on 1st December 2009. Now every area of your life is controlled by the EUropean Union in Brussels. Our United Kingdoms have only one vote out of 27 on both the Council of Ministers and The EU Commission and of the 751 MEPs we have only 72 giving us a mere 8% vote assuming all our MEPs agree and vote as one!

This cannot be Democracy, it IS NOT Self-determination, it IS Dictatorship by Committee advocated by so many corrupt politicians in what is ‘A Post-Democratic Era’ where we, the people, are deceived and manipulated to suit our rulers’ selfish ends!

Know that we support “Europe” as such, but strongly oppose the undemocratic, bureaucratic and corrupt “EUropean Union” whose tentacles now intrude into every corner of our governance and personal lives. The EU dictates 80% of our country’s regulations and laws, with no effective recourse, and the remaining 20% have to be wholly approved by the EU’s unelected army of bureaucrats.

The undisputed fact is that the EU diktats imposed upon us, the British People, do not respect our country’s history, needs, traditions, aspirations or values nor those of our true allies and compatriots in the Anglospher and around the world, who have served us well through history and now. 
For this we pay  over £40 million a day or £1.8 million an hour and rising.
If you are concerned about addressing our country’s problems to rebuild and reclaim OUR future, FREE of the EUropean Union, it is essential that we Leave-the-EU  NOW.

Our personal, local and national issues will never be seriously addressed while we are controlled by the EUropean Union, a body which will shortly set our taxes and take charge of our Police through EUroPol, our Military through The EURDF and our legal structure through Corpus Juris. This extended control over our lives will cost us all much more, both in personal freedoms and financially.
The current MPs at Westminster & their Parties are discredited – Unfit for Purpose.

If you agree with us thus far and agree that the generally disgraced, self-serving politicians from the LibLabCon are simply not addressing this obvious vital issue then: Why not? Because many of our self-serving representatives have not only lost touch with those whom they are supposed to represent but also view the EU as providing unwarranted furtherance of their own careers and irrelevant importance together with ever more unwarranted dollops of cash on The Gravy Train!

The LibLabCon still peddle the same old, failed policies being far more concerned about retaining or attaining power ignoring us, the people who put them there!  They do not wish to acknowledge nor empower INDEPENDENT individuals, who are actually the working producers and creators of the wealth of our great nation, working to survive the catastrophic failures imposed by those same old failed policies of Boom & Bust or more recently Bust & Broke!

These parasitic drones produce nothing of real worth.  They devalue our currency, rob us through stealth taxes, inflation tax and shadow taxes of which you will have little say or knowledge. 

Besides just prining money one current example of a hidden tax from our Treasurer:

‘When VAT was temporarily reduced to 15%, the Chancellor added 2% duty to petrol & diesel to offset the reduction in tax collected from motorists. Now that VAT is returned to 17.5%, this hidden tax has not been removed, hence recent rises in fuel costs. VAT on fuel is now effectively 19.5%’

The party system is clearly past its sell-by-date. Unfit for Purpose, it has failed us one and all whilst enriching a self-serving political and financial elite. No longer should ‘PARTY’ come before COUNTRY - it’s time that we, as INDEPENDENT individuals and true PATRIOTS, reclaim not only OUR Country but also OUR Future!
ONLY INDEPENDENTS can break the cosy LibLabCon  consensus
which has betrayed us for decades past and, if allowed, will betray OUR future.

We need people who represent their electorate as INDEPENDENTS both locally and nationally, with no loyalties to Parties, which is why I ask YOU, as an INDEPENDENT voter, to join us in our Alliance and ensure we return INDEPENDENT minded candidates.

I recently read a book called ‘The Bloodless Revolution’ by Vernon Coleman, which remarkably mirrors our vision. He explains how & why this NEW and EXCITING MOVEMENT works.  If you take nothing else from this letter may I suggest that you obtain a copy of this enlightening 180 page book.

The Electoral Commission has authorised our registration as the INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance and you can read our constitution and more on our website at: . This is the first step towards Recapturing our Future and Restoring OUR INDEPENDENT Country so we make our own decisions for our own wellbeing & our own way of life, justice, values and freedom.

Let us know how YOU can help us ensure an INDEPENDENT serves OUR Country. Be a Member or Candidate – if there isn’t one in your area write Leave-the-EU on Your Ballot Paper don’t spoil YOUR ballot paper on yet another self serving party hack. The Party system has clearly failed us.

Other candidates are free to join us.  With the INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance, you will keep ALL your old alliances, all your existing principles & values & actively campaign with us within the law without concern for race, colour or creed.  Reclaim OUR Future. Be assured of our financial transparency, Peter Underwood our treasurer, has implemented new standards of transparency. We have a lead Candidate and Moderator of the Alliance during the process of growing a complimentary team for all our peoples, for these United Kingdoms.  “Your journey begins with YOUR first steps!”

And now the final question –
IS my vote being wasted ?  A fair question –
We believe it is wasted if you do not vote for INDEPENDENT change NOW

Your support is welcomed.
You can help Reinstate Our Democracy by becoming a Supporter, a Donor, a Fund Raiser, a Member, an Organiser - you may even wish to become an INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate for other elected offices in your constituency or maybe an MP candidate in OUR Future.
We are making changes to Reclaim OUR future NOW
Vernon Coleman has generously, in order to support our cause, donated copies of his book:  “The Bloodless Revolution” for distribution by us to every New Member who signs up before the election or anyone who donates at least £20 to the INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance.   
To Join Us & Reclaim Your Future
Mail us your Name Address & Phone Number + ‘e’Mail if you have one with £20 to be a Member of the Alliance & we promise to deliver what it says in the name, Your FREE Book and further details as we Reclaim OUR Future with Self Determination & Liberty.
Greg L-W. 

PR & spokesman
                                                                                                                                                              Headquarters                                                                                                                 Publicity Office
Alliance Building                                                                                    8, Middle Street
Higher Farm                                                                                                                             Chepstow
Westcombe                                                                                              Monmouthshire
BA4 6ER                                                                                                                                    NP16 5EX
United Kingdom                                                                                                                       United Kingdom
Moderator: Niall Warry                                                                                          PR & Spokesman: Greg Lance-Watkins
Tel:     01749 838816                                                                                                              Tel:   01291 - 62 65 62

An Alliance of INDEPENDENTS dedicated to getting The
UK to Leave-the-EU
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Leave-the-EU Alliance

The Patriotic British WORKING for a Free Britain
Reclaim YOUR Future