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In General


In this section we show you just how your daily life is effected by the EU.

We are be producing a details, facts and articles on specific areas from wiring a plug to potholes in the road, leisure craft to refuse collection, abattoirs to town twinning, justice to repression where membership of the EU is effecting sections of the community for the worse.

We are also be producing more general articles about the EU, including the effect of the New Constitution Lisbon Treaty.

To start with, consider these areas where the EU already effects us all:


The Common Agricultural Policy. This is bad for Britain in many ways.

Firstly, it costs us over £15 billion+ per annum - in other words, an extra £25 per week for the average family.

Secondly, it is very wasteful. In the past it has encouraged overproduction (butter mountains, wine lakes) with the inherent over managed big government inability to adapt and respond rapidly when conditions change from produce surplus to food shortage.

It has also been abused, with all manner of non-farmers receiving grants from the politicised and Politically Correct CAP funds, be they railway companies or horse riding clubs. A system clearly open to abuse for gain or to buy votes - a method of social engineering.

It is noted that responsible scrutiny of farmers has been minimal, with the farmer who received a grant for non-existent olive trees being far from unique.


It costs us a lot. Irresponsibly no government, which is Party Politically driven, has ever produced an official study of the cost benefit to these United Kingdoms of EU membership.

We believe the reasons are simple – they know from informal costings in government departments that we the people are immeasurably worse off by the enforced membership of the EU.

Some years ago The Institute of Directors costed the problem at £1.8millions per hour 24 hours a day for 365 days a year - in the intervening years that can only markedly have risen.

The leaves best study so far published as the Bruges Group study. This study arrives at a net figure of over £55 billion per year – money that could be better used at home, particularly in these difficult economic times.

The figure includes:

net payments to the EU,

the cost of the Common Agricultural Policy

and the cost of unnecessary over-regulation.

The study does not claim this figure is accurate to the last penny, but challenges anyone who thinks it is wrong to come up with a more accurate figure. So far, no-one has risen to the challenge!

For certain it will not be the EU which accurately refutes or confirms this figure as the EU has been unable to produce legally acceptable books for its own squanderings for some 15 years. Were the EU a Plc. it is likely every single director would be in prison if not for false accounting but for money laundering!

A glance at the Government Pink Book produced quarterly shows fairly rapidly that the Bruges Group have erred, of anything, on the conservative side, especially when you take into consideration the belief that an average family pays £1,200:00 extra on food alone to sponsor the mismanagement and incompetence of The CAP.

This figure may work out as only approximately £1,000 per year per head of population, but for a family burdened with a crippling mortgage, this amount could be the difference between them keeping their home and having it repossessed.


The Common Fisheries Policy. It has been an environmental catastrophe for our once-rich fishing grounds, such as the North Sea. A desire to preserve fish stocks was a key factor in Norway and Iceland keeping out of the EU, and their fish stocks are in so much better shape than those in British waters that it can easily be argued that for every gain the pro EU riders on the Gravy Train may make they do not in total match the damage to our fisheries, our fish stocks and our fishing industry.

It is doubly irresponsible when you consider Colchester musles were sold to the near penniless living on the streets of London as a rich source of protein, Salmon was so common that many an apprenticeship had written in that they were not to be forced to eat salmon more than twice a week and as for cod it was the staple of the poor!

For a lesson in the folly of the EU and its utter incompetence one need go no further - the mismanagement has been so catastrophic that the EU nearly forced Britain onto a war footing with Canada in defence of the irresponsible stripping of the Newfoundland banks by Spanish factory fishing!.


Our history explains why Britain is the most Eurosceptic of all 27 vassal states and why we have the most vigorous withdrawalist movement.

For the former communist bloc, EU membership is a status symbol - a sign that they have left behind their communist past.

For Italy and Belgium, their own domestic politicians are so uninspiring that EU legislation is seen as an improvement.

For France, EU membership means that they are most readily able to conjoin with their German cousins again, Vichy France to the Franks was an embarrassing ideal!

By contrast Britain has gained nothing - a Free Trade agreement such as that between the EU and Switzerland would be far better for us. Our approach to incorporating European legislation into UK law has caused problems because we tend to be more rigid than other countries in our interpretation - so called "Gold plating", yet more relaxed in our freedoms. IMMIGRATION:

Free movement of people as well as goods and services is a fundamental human right as far as the EU is concerned. (To see this spelt out by the EU, see

Although our government continues to portray immigration as a good thing, it is putting great strain on our health, housing, justice and education services, not to mention additional spending to translate documents into extra languages and it is irrefutably causing downward pressure on wages to the detriment of British skilled workers with long term British costs.

Consider the Lindsey Oil Refinery dispute which clearly showed this.

We were told by our own government that only 15,000 workers from Eastern Europe would come to Britain when the 2004 enlargement took place. This was a figure plucked out of the air by a German Think Tank. It was also known to be untrue to our government even when it was promising this/

At the time many of us believed this figure was wildly inaccurate and were able to show it as false. Sadly, we have been proved right.

Turkish membership of the EU is a potentially explosive issue. Turkey has a substantially larger population than Poland, and is markedly poorer. The British government supports Turkish membership, as does the Conservative Party leadership. In immigration terms, it would clearly be a disaster.

It is here that we trip over one of the EU's many 'Dirty little secrets', it now seems that due to difficulties in bringing Turkey into the new supra national EUropean Empirate, there is a clandestine agreement imposed without any meaningful democratic input to both greatly increase the availability of visas and to permit the EU borders with Turkey conveniently leak to the point of haemorage.

We often hear the term 'Democratic deficit' but that is to misrepresent the truth which is there is a 'Democratic total absence'.


We are a square peg in a round hole. We do things differently, and the ways of our island Kingdom suits us best.

Even under Europhile New Labour, these United Kingdoms have asked for more derogation from EU legislation than every other nation, but we still are constrained by EU legislation in many areas that that are deeply damaging.

Consider that nevertheless, we are not part of Schengen - i.e. we want to keep border controls. If this is KEEPING our borders can you imagine how dire losing them would be!

We have kept the Pound.

We have different system of measurements.

We drive on the opposite side of the road.

Our trains are smaller than those on the continent.

Historically, we have traded far more with the rest of the world and far less with Continental Europe.

Our legal system (Common Law) has very different roots from the "State orientated" Corpus Juris of Continental EUrope founded on Justinian Law with a clear coating of obfuscating code Napolean.

Much of this is due to our long history as an independent democratic nation.

It is easy to forget how young many of the EU states are as independent nations, and how even within many of our lifetimes a significant number of them were ruled by totalitarian régimes, whilst others had their constitutions written up on the back of 'fag packets' a mere 60 years ago!

The fact is, in submitting to the primacy of European law, we have exchanged something that works well for Britain for something that has been massively damaging and does not suit us.

In many years of attention I have yet to meet a single solitary individual who can show a clear benefit for our peoples or our County - that relies on facts rather than mantras, detail rather than distraction, generosity rather than grabbing!


Leave-the-EU Alliance

The Patriotic British WORKING for a Free Britain
Reclaim YOUR Future