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"The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, and self-restraint to keep from meddling with them while they do it". - Theodore Roosevelt..........
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Some Random Q&As

Some Randomly Selected Questions & Answers

I recommend that you remove the Union flag as often 80% of the general public will automatically think UKIP is part of if not BNP and we need to move away from that image.


As for your comment on use of the Union Jack – We have no problem with using it or its colours, we never deny the fact that we are Patriot, that the flag may have been abused by self proclaimed Nationalists does not scare us as with the INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance we are very much ‘what you see on the label you get in the tin’!

We are proud of the peoples of Britain and their achievements and we're proud of the largely tolerant society we have built and the Patriotic welcome we give to those who wish to live amongst us and become ever more like us.

We are proud that so many people wish to live amongst us is a problem as they seek to integrate as British citizens, the British peoples have been traders acoss the globe with allies around the world, is it any wonder that we have since time immemorial attracted peoples as a safe haven, many Indians and Somalis have so integrated as to be almost indistinguishable and it is more than a platitude that many West Indians are more British than the Brits.

Natural integrations have been occurring through history and can be argued to be the very grounding of our culture and ingenuity, ambition and values also the willingness to travel of our peoples from Colnel Sir George Everest who mapped India and gave his name to Chomolungma, to Sir Stamford Raffles in Singapore or O’Henry who was the first recognised President of Chile, Livingstone, Mason/Dixon of such line fame or even Colnel Fawcett, Scott or Blashford Snell or even Feinnes or Helen Skelton all so typically British (vaguely daft!)

We appreciate your concern but as Ukip has joined with far more active Racism and anti Judaism with those who advocat violence and use it, and also advocate a racially segregated public transport system it is all but an impossibility to put a cigarette paper between TheBNP & Ukip whose grouping as The EFD is an obscenity in British politics.


What are your personal views on Asian / Blacks if you don't mind me asking

You are asking the wrong guy – I went to Karachi at 11 months! I have lived amongst Asians – we meet regularly for dinner with a Goan and a Bombay couple.
I spoke Zulu badly at one stage but loved the life around the shabeens in SOWETO and the villages North of Tugela. I was in SOWETO during the riots in the 1970s with the students trying to broker peace.

I've wandered alone around many parts of Africa.

I’ve been to various places in
India, loved Sri Lanka regret the failure of SOME to integrate in Britain – defend Islam as I consider it as daft as all other fantasies based on faith!


What is The INDEPENDENT Alliance position on Asian / Blacks if you don't mind me asking


One of the undertakings we demand of EVERY candidate is that although they are free to hold their own views on every subject and the only commonality is their desire to Leave-the-EU - They MUST campaign in an acceptable manner within the law and they undertake to never consider Race, Colour or Creed as a fundamental part of their campaigning.

We realise that there may well be Muslims who have strong views about education or Jews who may wish their school options to be within walking distance of a Synagogue, or those who have special needs for burial - they are free to campaign for their views in a legal and tolerant manner.

There will of course be the outright ignorant, but the electorate will soon leave them out if they choose to misrepresent themselves to us as an Alliance.


simply having a policy of leaving the EU is no policy at all. You need to have sensible, thought out and workable policies on:
  • Education
  • The NHS
  • Policing and Criminal Justice
  • Welfare
  • Defence
  • International Affairs
  • Roads and Infrastructure
  • The Environment
  • Energy
  • The Economy
  • etc etc etc
The list is very very long and this is why Independents will never challenge the big two parties. It is not about the person, but the Policies. If an Independent goes up against an experienced Parliamentarian in the debate, even locally, they will get hammered.


The first sign of madness is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

You have to learn to move outside the box they told you to live in.

I believe you are confusing an INDEPENDENT Alliance with one common aim for a Party - try to break free of habit!

# Education
# The NHS
# Policing and Criminal Justice
# Welfare
# Defence
# International Affairs
# Roads and Infrastructure
# The Environment
# Energy
# The Economy
Are completely and utterly irrelevant and it is totally dishonest to list them with ANY meaning in a manifesto.

The EU imposes 75 to 80% of ALL our laws without any meaningfull democratic input and the other 20 to 25% must by treaty be compliant with the EU.

So why copy the other parties and lie to the electorate?

Form an INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance after which it will take between 5 and 10 years to rectify the damage done to these United Kingdoms by the Party system which has so massively betrayed the people and our Country.

Whilst we put right what has been damaged there will be more than enough time to decide what areas we should set out to improve with an entirely new structure of more honest NON PARTY democracy.


If you all Independent, who the heck gets the top job in this corrupt FPTP system we have?


May I suggest the best way would be for the Parliamentarians elected to elect their own leader from amongst them we would then have the leader with the best ability to ensure achievement.

There is no reason that the other great offices of state could not be similarly appointed by election amongst the elected.

I agree the FPTP system is deeply flawed but we would contend rather less so than PR.


What is your policy on women in Parliament, do you intend to have all women's lists?


INDEPENDENT candidates will have INDEPENDENT views, personally I believe pretending women need special terms demeans women - surely it is upto the electorate in a democracy NOT upto a Government to impose their will.

The electorate are easily able to make such decisions for themselves and long ago women tended not to want the relatively chaotic life of a politician but we welcome the best brains we can get! What that has to do with gender I do not know and it is for their intellect and ability they serve the public not their gender.


do you really think it wise to limit a manifesto to one issue (all be it the overiding one) and not include a plan for after it's accomplishment? That seems very very short sighted to me, if not somewhat undemocratic and dangerous.


We appreciate the concern. However since we can make no meaningful law to suit either our peoples, our allies or our Country under the terms of The Lisbon Treaty it is somewhat disingenuous that the LibLabEUkipCon produce a manifesto.

Clearly a manifesto is meaningless - hence the apparent status of Blue Labour! Pilloried for what they have no control over, just a rather dishonest wish list! Labour Blue are no better and The Lib.Dims. are tearing up the book but they aren't sure why!

The Greens have had their book torn up by thinking people not prepared to tolerate the lies of so called Carbon scams and climate warming and global change - so convincingly debunked leaving the greens with much vitriol and little dignity!

Its all in the nonsense of the manifesto!

The most likely way in which peace and the economy MIGHT survive is clearly to have the independence to provide rather greater agility than can exist as the toe nail of a behemoth!

That we would be better off with democracy being effected closer to the end user seems indisputable to us and with local decisions made locally the probability of rebuilding our socio economic manufacturing base seem greatly enhanced.

At liberty COMMUNEism has never been all too wonderful and forcible centralisation has usually proved catastrophic in the long term.


How long do you believe it will take to leave the EU & what then?


At best it would take two years of negotiation to liberate ourselves from the EU with co-operation, then a further 5 years to repair the major damage done by our membership thus a realistic 10 years, before there is meaningful change and forward movement.

Don't forget it is nearly a century since the first war to attempt to impose a EUropean Union. Even if you do not accept that there is no argument that the present EU was well under way within a very few years of the 'peace' of 1945.


What sort of problems do you envisage?


During even the early stages and long before we could alter anything without risk of greater damage and without the powers of Dracos a great deal would be required to be done, to keep the ship of state afloat.

Bear in mind, just as an example, the probability is that we will commence having uncontrollable power outs, from about the winter of 2012, due to the utter irresponsibility of Party politics, which has made no provision for power stations or nuclear power to cope with need.

Be minded that there is absolutely no scientific or engineering sanity in ANY type of alternative power.


Isn't this just a self serving electioneering gimmick out of dissatisfaction at being unable to make progress in the existing Parties?


That is a very good question and it may look to be little more than electioneering.

It is a valid criticism but consider first that of the 4 people who started the Alliance three of us aren't remotely interested in either office or power. Only our Moderator is even standing. Do please also realise that to have come this far we must have SOME idea what we are doing and at the core of that idea is the racing certainty that we stand absolutely no chance of getting anyone elected.

A lot of work for what you may ask - as we are moving into tomorrows world of the end of Party Politics such discourse is valid as a reason in itself - note that even the Ludites of Party Politics, the very incumbents of Party Office, are speaking openly of a post democratic era, due to the failure of party politics!

We believe our efforts to be valid, if for no other reason than to act as a thorn in the side of such patronising complacency and as a rallying point for constructive rebellion and political inovation is a duty not a choice!

If we do not do some VERY serious thinking I believe we can reasonably foresee the probability of a very dangerous future and even the possibility of many millions of deaths across EUrope in the inevitable wars of disassociation and the resultant famines and disease.

For the first time since the 100 years war due to incompetence on the part of Party Politics and the idiocy and irresponsibility of the EU itself EUrope is no longer able to feed itself and that at a time when competition for food is burgeoning.

I would rather risk a modicum of debate even in the guise of overt electioneering if it is that which stimulates the thought that MIGHT provide the solutions because sure to hell the LibLabEUkipCon have proved their failings!

What your letter tells me is that you actually don't understand how the current system works.


We agree totally it is hard to get ones head around the realisation that the current system DOESN'T work and that is why we all need to TRY to think outside the box.


In order to change the system, don't you need to be part if it to change it from the inside. The only other way would be for revolution.


We believe the current system is self preserving, at the expense of the people and the country - just look at the mess it has created dragging a 17th. Century system into the 21st. Century, just because it exists.

Had the Ludites had their way we would never have had machines in factories.

Your ideas are Poppycock.
I think this means you have no idea about them as you have not thought about them and don't know where to start.


Is the comment Poppycock merely pejorative or made in frustration at your fear of thinking outside the box?

We would submit trying to improve something is far better than sitting huddled in the box shouting 'poppycock'. We have not only thought about where to start but why - We are now looking for additional people with the intelligence to perceive just how our Party Political system has failed on almost every count, to work with us towards making changes and of course helping to refine the ideas we already have.

I do not believe the bald bare bones of a new idea will work, but since the present system has failed on virtually all counts it is clearly worth trying to find a new system.

The aim is clearly a bloodless revolution, which will obviously be a huge improvement on the almost certain bloody catastrophe party politics is delivering for us.

Lies, Damn Lies and political lies...not sure which one this is, but is it bull.


So the statement that 75 to 80% of all law enacted at Westminster is rubber stamping diktat imposed by the EU and the balance MUST be EU compliant was an idea that you couldn't get your head round!

Absolutely no problem, we await better statistics from someone.

During the Irish referendum; when held for the second time, because the central dictatorship was unwilling to accept a NO vote; an analysis of every single vote passed by the Oireachtas during several preceding years was carried out and proved a specific figure of just under 82% of all laws passed had been the rubber stamping of imposed EU diktat - Britain may be a few % points different, up or down!

So as for 'bull' I look forward to more accurate figure minded of the ECA.

You appear to be lying to yourselves, or at least deluding yourselves.


Since our Questioner is now unable to provide facts and has been forced to resort to childish name calling on his part, we must remember this is understandable as it must be quite a surprise to realise that what one has been told and has believed all one's life has failed you.

Do you really think you could fix this country in a mere decade without a Hitler like dictatorship.


On the one hand you concedes the damage done by the Party Political System is massive, and can not be fixed without Hitler like dictatorship.

Yet on the other you seem to be in attack mode because someone aims to try!

We do not expect 5 nor 10 years to heal all the damage, we do not expect it to be easy, but in that period it will have become very clear how the British people wish to have their various services and institutions run and delivered, also to have put in place the Treaties and contracts to move positively in that direction.

Your concept is beyond delusion, but certifiable.


So now having conceded the enormity of the damage, it is considered 'certifiable' to try to correct it - Remember the Ludites!

Whilst I agree we need to move away from the party based politics, as I have myself said so etc, you cannot suddenly think about things AFTER the fact. You and the electorate need to have an idea where you are, going before they vote for you.


Yet you are happy to vote for the LibLabEUkipCon as the clearly failed party political system!!!

What position of wisdom do you hold that advocates the certifying of those who try to improve the system, and the self congratulation of those who claim it should be done! - was it not the Communists who claimed their critics were mad, because Communism was an indefensible concept in its day! Just as is Party Politics in this age of rapidly improving communications and change of the 21st. century!

Are you not in danger of looking as foolish as they - unable to put forward a solution but determined to berate those who try, whilst seemingly you advocate what exactly?

Instead of working for a concept that MIGHT work you wish us all to go on voting for our self destruction, within a system shown to have failed.

Surely that is a strange defeatist attitude!


If I do not know what you stand for, why might I vote for you?


You will, unlike with the political parties, know EXACTLY what an INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance candidate stands for - just read the label rather than make leap to assumptions and tend to sneer based on what seem to be no more than YOUR pre programmed assumptions.

Each candidate will no doubt have their own views, values and priorities, but clearly no policies as we will not systemically nor endemically set out to lie to you with the pretence we have policies we can or would implement.

The other parties may well be happy to mislead the electorate. We believe it is far better to lose honourably than cheat, lie and con the electorate to win.


How you will tackle problems that have an immediate impact on my life and that of my family, Without knowing that you can’t expect me to vote for you.


You haven't a clue how the LibLabEUkipCon will act beyond the certainty they will act venally, as that is all we have EVER seen from Party Politicians - You will note even the much vaunted 'Bastards' of John Major's Government were bought off in the final vote against Maastricht and only Rupert Allison had the integrity to abstain. ALL of the others put Party and self interest before Principle and Country! After all that huff and puff, that merely ended up looking like little more than posturing to stay in office with better jobs!


If you can’t explain your policies you’re no use to me or the country, your actually worse than the shower we need to get shot of!


Then if you re too confined to the box, too propagandised and too unwilling to reach forward and Reclaim Your Future don't vote for us. Continue to vote for your obvious enemy the LibLabEUkipCon that have so betrayed us.

Surely it is better to TRY to improve the situation and fail than to just support the ongoing destruction.

I can not see there is ever a wrong time to try to do the right thing but there is NEVER a right time to repeat one's mistakes!

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